art teacher training

Westside Studio Art Teacher Training is designed to assist classroom teachers and specialists to guide students in the discovery of their unique artistic voices. Participants will learn to instruct children at every grade level to develop skills in a variety of fine art media. They will also learn thoughtful ways to encourage students to think critically about the methods and concepts behind their work, and how to showcase completed artwork to highlight the accomplishments of every student.


Course Highlights

  • The Importance of Art
  • Creating the Studio Space
  • Creating Curriculum
  • Creating a Lesson
  • Gathering Inspiration and Materials
  • Structuring 45 Minute Lesson
  • Creating a Community of Young Artists
  • Practice - exploring multiple media

2015 Workshop Schedule

Weekend One
  • Saturday, February 28  12 noon-6pm
  • Sunday, March 1           12 noon-4pm
Weekend Two
  • Saturday, April 25   12noon-6pm
  • Sunday, April 26          12 noon -4pm

Additionally, each student is encouraged to schedule studio visits to YAWS and/or Westside Studio.

Tuition is $500 for a 20 hour training. 

Tuition reduction through sliding scale is available.


Please contact Jennifer Burke at with questions and to receive enrollment information.